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Discover more about the innovative food safety technologies offered by Napasol - the leader in food safety technology equipment.

Napasol pasteurization line for hazelnut cooperative

Napasol's largest nut pasteurization unit in the US goes into operation at Hazelnut Growers of Oregon (HGO) in Cornelius, Oregon. In the Napasol process products are treated at relatively low temperatures with dry saturared steam, thus maintaining the sensory attributes of raw nuts while achieving a minimum 5log reduction in pathogens.

STATISOL - Static Pasteurization Solultion

Discover this highly developed large scale industrial STATISOL unit, which is installed at one of our clients facilities in Southern France. The Pre-Tempering of the product allows us to achieve unparalleled results. Inquire here

Dieter Kundig - CEO

An interview with Dieter Kundig, founder and CEO of Napasol Food Safety Technologies.

ROTOSOL - Dynamic Pasteurization Solution

Olivier Bourgois - Steripure Pasteurization Services

Olivier Bourgois - Founder and Owner of Steripure Sterilization Services talks about the importance of food safety and the growing demand for his services.