Compact pasteurization unit fits into your process

  • The compact unit with small footprint.
  • Plant capacities ranging from 200kg/hr (440 lbs) to 13 MT/hr (28'660 lbs) to meet your throughput needs.
  • Wide range of applications: whole pieces, chopped ingredients and powders of any size. 
  • Logistic flexibility allows for loading products in bulk bins or bags, on trays, or on multi-tiered belt. 
  • Large throughputs are handled in semi-continuous batch processes with tandem autoclaves. 
  • No down time for product changeover because the product is never in contact with the autoclave.
  • Surfaces remain clean, no cross contamination and no allergen risk, no scorching of the product.
  • No moving parts minimizing maintenance and product damage.

Schematic layout of the processing plant

Loading logistics are optimized to handle your product. The process is integrated in your product flow and the use of existing infrastructure and utilities is optimized.


Logistics and Process Flow for Specific Applications

Napasol offers a varierty of logistics solutions, which are optimized for the products to be treated and for the customer's production environment. Racks, bags, sacks, bulk, bins, multistage belt, or tandem autoclaves. We have a solution for every application.

Solutions tailored to your specific needs


NAPASOL autoclaves come in a variety of sizes, and are capable of handling throughputs of 200 kg/hour (440 lbs) to over 13 MT/hour (28'660 lbs).


Industrial Process

The integration of the pasteurization unit in the product flow can be optimized.



Utilization of existing utilities (steam, compressed air) can be optimized.


From turn key solutions to integration of local supply

Some elements of the NAPASOL installation can be sourced locally to our specifications for integration into the NAPASOL core supply. Alternatively NAPASOL system. Alternatively Napasol will bring together all the elements of the system and supply a complete turn key installation.