STATISOL® Static Pasteurization Chamber

STATISOL 600 installation located at Steripure Pasteurization & Sterilization Services in France. The installation has a capacity of 2000Kg/hour.

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This static pasteurization/sterilization unit (with a rectangular, stainless steel treatment chamber) is most suitable for the treatment of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. The way the products are layed out in the chamber depends on the characteristics of the products:


  • Nuts and seeds are loaded in bulk containers which can hold a product volume of up to 1.7 m3 (60 ft3)
  • Dried fruits may be loaded in plastic trays (as they are commonly used in this industry). Alternatively dried fruit can be pasteurized in sealed bags, by using their own moisture to kill bacteria, mold, yeast and any type of infestation.

STATISOL® Units in Various Configurations and Sizes

  •  Holding from 1 to 6 bins per cycle (throughput of up to 7,000 kg/hour (15'000lbs/hour) per line; 14,000 kg/hour (30'000lbs/hour) for a twin-line.

  • For relatively small capacity requirements, small units are available, completely mounted on a skid for easy installation on site.

  • For all tree nuts and most seeds we combine the STATISOL® with a pre-tempering chamber, insuring a perfect control of the moisture of the products and avoiding any separate drying step. A cooling plenum is provided on the clean room side for the efficient cooling of the product close to ambient temperature.

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STATISOL 1800 installation at Hazelnut Growers of Oregon was commissioned in February 2015.

STATISOL® Our Process Advatages

  •  Modular and built with a small foot-print

  • No down-time for product changeover – the products are never in direct contact with the chamber

  • No risk of cross contamination: Clear separation of raw material preparation area from clean room

  • Few moving parts minimizing maintenance and product damage

  •  Complete automation for high capacity lines

NAPASOL has customers that have had our systems validated for a 5-log reduction in pathogens on a wide range of products. Ask us for references