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The latest innovation in steam-vacuum pasteurization, ROTOSOL is the ideal solution for the pasteurization/sterilization of all free flowing bulk products: seeds, spices, herbs, grains, granules, pellets, and powders. ROTOSOL can also be used as a combined blender/pasteurizer.

Products are loaded from a hopper by gravity through an airtight connector into this rotating autoclave. The loading gate is automatically closed once the desired fill rate of the autoclave has been reached.

Napasol builds the ROTOSOL® units in different configurations and sizes

  •  The smallest available unit has an inner volume of 0.6 m3 (21 cu.ft.) and processes about 120 to 250 kg per cycle, depending on the bulk density of the product to be treated. This unit including the steam generator, the vacuum system, and the electrical control cabinet, is mounted on a skid for easy installation and connection on site.

  • Napasol supplies ROTOSOL units up to an inner volume of 12 m3 (425 cu.ft.) processing about 2’400 to 5’000 kg per cycle.

  • With an average cycle time (including loading and unloading) of 45 minutes, a single ROTOSOL unit will pasteurize or sterilize up to 6’700 kg/hour (15’000 lbs./hour). Two units in a tandem configuration will have the double of this capacity.

  • Filling and emptying of the vessel is done through retractable pipes which make a tight connection with the loading/unloading gate.

  • Certain products will require a separate cooling step after pasteurization; Napasol offers different technical solutions for cooling, depending on product characteristics, required volumes, available space, etc.

  • CIP-system integrated for effective cleaning and minimal down-time for product changeover

Your process advantages:

  •  Perfect integration in most processing environments
  •  Automated, dust-free process; no manual process handling
  •  Combined blending and pasteurization/sterilization makes your processing line less complex
  •  Compact construction reduces requirement for valuable floor-space