A technology validated for a >5-log reduction of bacterial load

  • Investing in a Napasol pasteurization/sterilization line means integrating a validated kill-step into your production environment.
  • In cooperation with a process authority and a certified third party laboratory we assist our customer with the micro bacteriologic validation of the plant.
  •  Only a fully documented process withstands the legal challenges that the food industry and retail business is faced with today.

Saturated steam: the most efficient means to kill bacteria

  • The Napasol system allows for the very precise control and monitoring of all critical parameters throughout the process.
  • The combination of vacuum and dry saturated steam in an autoclave is extremely efficient to kill bacteria at a precisely controlled temperature.
  • NAPASOL has improved on other established steam treatments by adding a third dimension to the process: the control of the pressure. For this reason, unlike other steam treatment technologies, the NAPASOL process doesn't require a separate drying phase.

Solutions tailored to your specific needs

  • Every existing plant environment and product requirements are different. Therefore Napasol designs custom solutions, tailored to your specifications based on a technical assessment.
  • The utilization of existing utilities (steam, compressed air, chilled water) is often possible and can help reduce the investment cost.
  • Napasol systems cover a wide range of capacities from 200 – 15,000 kg/hour (400 – 30,000 lbs/hour)

Low operating cost

  • Napasol offers an environmentally friendly system and as we cares about the environment and saving our customers money all our systems include: Closed loop chilled water circuit, recuperation of most condensate, and a completely insulated chamber to reduce the energy and water consumption to a strict minimum.
  • A reduced number of moving parts result in very low maintenance cost. An optional yearly preventive maintenance program will provide the best technical availability of the plant.

Installations worldwide