Napasol Technology

Napasol Validated for >5log Reduction TERP

  • Napasol Process Authority for plant validation
  • Fully documented batch process

Saturated Steam Efficacy

  • Pressure controlled saturated steam conditions
  • Pasteurization in a partial vacuum at low temperatures
  • No moisture pickup and no drying needed
  • Maintains the raw characteristics of the product

Roast Finish Module

  • Precise and nuanced Hot air roasting of pasteurized load
  • Energy consumption halved compared to other roasters
  • Patented roasting process of bulk load
  • Flavoring and seasoning of load

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

  • Small footprint and flexible layout
  • Wide range of capacities: from 200 kg/h - 6'000 kg/h (400 lbs to 15'000 lbs/h)
  • Product travels in bins: no scuffing, no breakage, no scorching, no dust
  • Minimal product changeover time and cleaning

Low Operating Costs

  • Few moving parts and little wear and tear, minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficient insulation and condensate circuits
  • Filled bins, once loaded, move automatically through the line until offloaded ready for packing

Installations worldwide