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Pasteurization and sterilisation of Nuts, Seeds, Dry Fruit, Herbs, Spices, and Botanicals

Our mission is to bring a comprehensive solution to the food safety challenges of our customers. Napasol offers a pasteurization technology that effectively eliminates pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in low moisture foods through a natural thermal treatment. The universal physics of the steam and vacuum process allows broad applications ranging from sterilization of highly contaminated material to the gentle treatment of delicate products.

Contamination Issues and Product Recalls

Product recalls are initiated when a sample tests positive for salmonella at any level of the distribution channel. Costs and consequences can be far reaching, even in the absence of any reported disease, and affect businesses and their brands beyond the company at the origin of the recall to include those companies using the compromised product as an ingredient. The only protection from a product recall is the use of a validated pasteurization process and satisfactory traceability.

Food Born Illness Outbreaks

When the contamination has made its way into the food chain susceptible populations may be at great risk for severe illness and even death. The identification of the strain, of microorganism involved in a particular outbreak and improved reporting of illnesses through FoodNet and NORS, allows pinpointing of the contaminated food source. Sporadic illnesses will increasingly be tied to outbreaks and their source.


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Insects are a major cause of food loss because of their voracity and rapid development. Pasteurization destroys them, their larvae and eggs, as well as all other pests.