Napasol Pasteurization Solution for Seeds

Seeds can be treated in the STATISOL® system: The products are loaded in stainless steel bulk bins, each one holding about 700 kg (about 1,500 lbs.) of product.  Minimal handling and a short cycle time allow for a very high throughput at minimal operating cost.


Alternatively seeds can be treated in the ROTOSOL® unit: In this semi-continuous, dynamic pasteurization and sterilization system the products are kept in a slow movement during the pasteurization phase. This prevents clumping and guarantees a homogenous treatment of the whole load. Loading and unloading of the autoclave can be fully automated; a dust-free pneumatic conveying system transports the product to a packing line or to further processing.



The ROTOSOL® unit can be used at the same time for blending. This is an attractive, cost efficient option in situations where only limited floor space is available.



Seeds - Saturated Steam/Vacuum Pasteurization