Napasol Pasteurization of Tree Nuts


The Napasol Statisol is the best pasteurization solution for nuts and seeds. Loaded in bins the product is protected from mechanical damage minimizing waste and down time for cleaning. The highly effective saturated steam applied is dry, the Statisol line is dry, there is no moisture pick-up, and no drying step necessary. Statisol lines are validated for Almonds (TERP approved), Walnuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Pine Nuts, and all Oil seeds.

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Food & Beverage Asia August September 20
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Napasol has established the superior performance of this dry saturated steam vacuum process for the pasteurization of nuts with lines validated for 5log reduction in plants around the world. Validation data is sown for several nut sizes in the graph below.

Validation performance of Napasol dry saturated steam pasteurisers

Validation data for macadamias, almond, walnuts and cashews samples pasteurized at 15 different pasteurization plants are compiled in this graph. The plants were validated for whole nuts and nut pieces. Each data point corresponds to the reduction in Enterococcus faecium (a Salmonella surrogate approved for in-plant validation) in a nut sample inoculated to levels up to 100'000'0000 cfg/g (8-log). In all cases the reduction is superior to 100'000 fold (5log) and is obtained at temperatures below 90°C, with between 6- and 9-minutes pasteurization times specific to each nut.

Nuts -Saturated Steam(Vacuum Pasteurization