Napasol Pasteurization Solution for Herbs & Spices

Whole herbs and spices, as well as some powders, can be pasteurized/sterilized in the STATOSOL® system. In this case the products are loaded either in steam permeable bags or wire mesh trays where the layer thickness is perfectly controlled and a homogenous treatment of these delicate products guaranteed.


This machine design is especially suitable for those herbs and spices which are fragile (e.g. whole leaves, branches, sticks, etc.) and should not be moved during the process.


Herbs - Saturated Steam/Vaccuum Pasteurization

Alternatively herbs and spices can be pasteurized/sterilized in our new ROTOSOL® system. Due to the slow movement of the products during the process, clumping of the product can be avoided and no post-processing is required. The loading and unloading of the products through a retractable tube making a tight connection with a pre-filling hopper and with a pneumatic line on the unloading side allows for a dust-free operation.


The blending or the pasteurization of already blended products is perfectly possible in this unit.

6m3 ROTOSOL Unit during production
6m3 ROTOSOL Unit during production