Napasol - Expert in Food Safety Technology Equipment

Napasol™ management team brings together the expertise from various fields including science, nutrition, food technology, food processing, equipment manufacturing and business development.


Napasol™ is actively involved in various trade organizations to stay informed about the latest trends and developments and actively participates in food safety discussions for various industries.


Napasol AG

Dieter Kündig

Co-Founder, CEO Napasol AG


Dieter graduated from the University of St. Gall, Switzerland and worked for leading food processing equipment supplier Buhler in Switzerland, as CFO in Spain and President of Buhler Brazil. In 1990 Dieter returned to Switzerland and founded an investment company developing a soya-based food production company and building a ready to eat cereal business. In 2006 Dieter co-founded Napasol to develop a technology that could address growing food safety issues in the nuts and spice industry.



Dr. Cameon Ivarsson

Co-Founder, CEO Napasol North America


Cameon obtained her PhD at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington, she founded the "Starting Right" baby food company in Seattle. She moved back to Switzerland in 1990 and occupied R&D, sales, production and general manager positions in a large breakfast cereal production facility. She later co-founded Napasol in 2006 in partnership with Dieter.



Jeff Fox

Sales Director Napasol North America


As President and CEO of the largest Hazelnut Cooperative in the U.S. Jeff was responsible for the implementation of Level II SQF certification and commissioning the largest Napasol pasteurization unit in the U.S. Most recently Jeff was President and CEO of a leading walnut producer in California. His vast experience in Operations and focus on Safety and Quality is well known throughout the nut industry. Jeff joined the Napasol team in 2020.



Michael Ambler

Technical Director Napasol Servizi Technici


Mike graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, with a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He moved totaly to work in the Aprilla-Piaggio automotive group where he was involved in product development, project management, and contract and supplier management. Mike joined Napasol in 2016. He manages projects from inception to delivery as well as customer support. Mike oversees purchasing of equipment and services and is involved in the continuing improvement of the technology.



Thomas Bonzon

R&D and Process Application Manager, Napasol AG


Thomas graduated from the University of Oregon in Political Science and has been working with Napasol since its inception. He has been optimizing the process and developing new applications. Thomas manages the startup of new installations and provides training to customers.  He offers validation support and ongoing help to customers for recipe optimization and new product applications. He is involved in sales through participation in exhibitions and food shows.



Nicolas Kundig

Administration & Marketing Manager, Napasol AG


Nicolas graduated from Southern Oregon University in Business Administration and has been working for Napasol since its inception. He has developed the company’s customer database and is managing the marketing and communication plan and website. Nicolas is involved in sales participating in exhibitions, and handling an increasing number of online requests. He is also managing the growing administrative needs of the company.



Gildo Tosi

Senior Technical Manager, Napasol Servizi Tecnici


Gildo has thirty years of experience as a mechanical system designer in the aeronautical sector and joined Napasol in 2017. He implements and improves the design and drawings of Napasol machines using 2 & 3D cad systems. Gildo manages project planning and provides technical information to suppliers and support to customers throughout project execution.



Stanley Trott

Process Control Engineer, Napasol AG


Stan graduated from ITT aeronautic radio electronics in Seattle Washington. He has worked in his IT and technical capacity in the maritime, food industry and banking fields and has been working with Napasol since 2008. He has developed a robust, user friendly, industrial software package to operate Napasol lines and is driving the technical optimization of the process.