NAPASOL Launches ROTOSOL a Revolutionary Dynamic Blender-Pasteurizer Technology for Powders, Grains and Dry Mixes

The Napasol process exposes products to dry saturated steam obtaining the highest thermal microbial reduction performance. In the ROTOSOL blender-pasteurizer the product is gently tumbled while being exposed to steam keeping it free flowing, maintaining mixes homogeneous, avoiding clumping, and avoiding dust and product loss with its automated loading and unloading system.

The microbial safety of low moisture foods is being questioned around the globe following a growing number of food borne illness outbreaks and product recalls associated with the consumption of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices as well as botanicals, grains and other dry food ingredients. Implicated pathogens include Salmonella and E. coli O157. Napasol offers an effective saturated steam treatment with short treatment times and precise control of moisture, which protects the organoleptic properties of the products.

The ROTOSOL line of autoclaves achieves the same microbial reduction performance as Napasol's static STATISOL autoclaves. Both technologies have been validated through challenge testing with a 5log reduction performance on pathogens for a range of matrices including a variety of nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and botanicals. ROTOSOL's integrated CIP-system allows the effective cleaning of the chamber, reducing system down time during product change over.

Capacities for ROTOSOL blender pasteurizers range from 200kg/hour to 20 tons/hour. The technology offers huge improvements in efficiently handling powders, herbs, spices, botanicals, seeds, grains and pharmaceuticals as well as ground, chopped, diced, sliced and other small-, particulate materials and mixes.

The new technology first presented at the Fi/Ni 2013 exhibition in Frankfurt last week is currently show cased atNapasol's European R&D center in Rousset, France where trials, demonstrations, and customer training are performed. The newly designed ROTOSOL product line adds to the full range of static pasteurization/sterilization equipment currently provided by Napasol.

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About Napasol Food Safety Technology

Napasol AG in Switzerland and Napasol North America in Fargo ND, supply pasteurization and sterilization equipment worldwide for the treatment of low moisture food products such as nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, botanicals and dried fruit. The short cycle times under saturated steam conditions in the static STATISOL and dynamic ROTOSOL installations are very effective in eliminating pathogens and microorganisms ensuring food safety, improved shelf life, and assuring a competitive advantage to leading industries worldwide.

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