Pasteurization and sterilization of nuts, seeds, dry fruit, herbs, spices and botanicals

Napasol is the leading supplier of pasteurization and sterilization equipment  for the treatment of low moisture foods such as nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, botanicals, and dried fruit.


Different equipment designs have been developed for specific applications:


The STATISOL® system has a rectangular autoclave and has been especially designed for the pasteurization of low moisture products with a delicate surface. Short batch times allow for a very high throughput.


This process if ideally suited for all tree nutsseeds, and dried fruit


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The BLENDER/PASTEURIZER ROTOSOL® is made up of s cylindrical autoclave that rotates and is the latest innovation in machine design (patent pending). In this semi-continuous process the products are gently moved throughout the pasteurization/sterilization. The movement of the product in combination with a very precise control of all process parameters avoids clumping of the products, and the high level of automation keeps the environment dust-free.


This system is ideally suited for powderscereal mixesseedsanimal feedbotanicals, and many raw materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.


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How does the Napasol technology work? An interview with the founder of Napasol